Protests Against Adidas Emerge, Again

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Despite claiming to be the world leader in sportswear, Adidas actually shines best when it comes to harassment, wage theft, and other labor-related offences.

Key Points:

  • People from all over the world have been protesting Adidas, for it's long legacy of workers' rights abuses.
  • For example, just in Cambodia 8 Adidas supplier factories owe more than 11 million in unpaid wages. Protesters are often arested and silenced by Adidas suppliers.
  • Workers and activists from countries such as the United States, Italy, Pakistan, and Cambodia united to call on Adidas to compensate its workers fairly.
  • In Myanmar protesters demanded that Pou Chen, an adidas supplier who fired 26 union members this week, quit retaliating against their union.
  • Across the cities in Germany activists came together to draw attention to the company's lengthy history of wage theft and anti-union repression in its supply chains for clothing and footwear. Workers have been protesting for months now.