Australia Post Sells Luxury Counterfeits


Several Australia Post outlets have been spotted selling what appears to be counterfeit luxury earrings from prestigious fashion houses like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), and Louis Vuitton (LV). These accessories, priced at a mere $39.95, have sparked a wave of conversation and controversy among ausies online.

  • The issue first came to light through a Reddit post on r/australia, quickly garnering attention.
  • Mixed responses ranging from amusement to concern; some customers amused by the unlikely pairing of postal services and luxury faux fashion, others worried about the legal and ethical implications.
  • The incident raises questions about the legal consequences for Australia Post and its franchisees for selling counterfeit goods as well as its reputation.
  • Quick google search tells me that selling counterfeit fashion items, such as fake designer clothing, accessories, or footwear, is illegal in Australia. These activities infringe on the intellectual property rights of the legitimate brand owners. The laws governing this area in Australia include trademark, copyright, and design laws. If this law will affect the particular branch that was selling the counterfeits is yet to be known.
  • The luxury fashion industry has long battled against the proliferation of counterfeit goods. Chanel, in particular, is renowned for its aggressive legal measures to protect its brand and intellectual property. The company's history of pursuing counterfeiters might imply potential legal challenges for any retailer found to be infringing on its trademarks, including those operating under the Australia Post banner.