Kourtney Kardashian Won't Make Boohoo Sustainable

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Boohoo, a UK-based online fast-fashion brand took on Kourtney Kardashian to make them sustainable…

Key Points:

  • Booho’s workers in Pakistan are paid as little as 33 cents an hour to work in unsafe conditions.
  • Booho uploads 700 items a day.
  • In July, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) stated that Boohoo was under investigation over “greenwashing”.
  • Boohoo’s US expansion plan includes Kardashian capsule collection.
  • Kourtney's collection does include some recycled materials, but it also uses polyurethane — which cannot be recycled and releases toxic chemicals when disposed.
  • Kardashian addressed the backlash online by posting on IG:

    I invite any experts who have ideas, suggestions (I have already seen some of you and will absolutely be reaching out to talk and learn more) to reach out. I want to help and from my experience so far working with the team I work with at Boohoo, they do too. I will be elaborating on their changes, how we’ve made this line more sustainable, and what I’ve learned we as consumers can do to help… all to come!!" she concluded.
  • Even if Kardashian’s range is as sustainable as much as Stella McCartney's, her collection will make up less than 0.1% of the clothes available on Boohoo.