Fashion Fun: Mushrooms

I'm going to state something super divisive but stay with me; mushrooms are cool. They are nutritious, delicious, mysterious, gorgeous and a good substitute for leather.

In 2018 Stella Mccartney made a leather bag out of mushrooms in collaboration with Bolt Threads, a start-up whose CEO said that material feels like smashed marshmallows. Yum!

mushroom mycelium

Conventional leather production has a heavy environmental burden, which begins with the land, water and energy associated with mass livestock farming.

Without inorganic chemicals, petroleum-based binding materials and toxic dyes, mushroom leather is incredibly eco and entirely biodegradable.

mushroom mycelium

Sneakers made with mushroom leather.

Not only they are a good solution to the fast Fashion crisis, animal cruelty and are visually stunning; mushrooms are kind of superior in nature.

They are known to be a nature's world wide web ( khm internet!); because they contain Mycelium.

mushroom mycelium

Mycelium is the underground network of thread-like branches that’s right below the mushroom and it connects every living tree and facilitates the exchange of nutrients. It regenerates earth and breaks down decaying matter.

I told you mushrooms are cool!

mushroom mycelium

Ergo, in a poetic kind of way it’s only natural that mushrooms are a source of inspiration. Fashion runways in ‘21 were flooded with the mushroom aesthetic and everything mushroom-made.

Even though "hip” channels will tell you how Y2K style is ruling ‘21 actually mushrooms are the new decades symbol you should pay attention to.

mushroom and fashion

From it’s ethical purpose, marveolus aesthetic, mystical healing effects and it’s poetic symbolism mushrooms are deemed to stay.