Fashion Inspiration

Archive of Fashion muses.


Judy Gemstone

HBO's Unexpected Fashion Prophet (or... Prophetess?)



Witchy Wardrobe

Meditation on fashion...


beyonce in a color changing outfit

Future of Fashion: Chameleons, Step Aside!

Goodbye static clothing!


van ness in glitter

The Whirlwind of Fashion Wonderful

Immerse yourself in this heartfelt tribute to Jonathan Van Ness.


taylor swift outfit concert

The Glorious Gliterati

Step into the vibrant world of pop concert costume culture in this engaging read.


Michelle Obama fashion liberation, lessons

The Power of Fashion

Lessons in Self-Liberation from Michelle Obama


Christmas weird green fashion

Origins of Christmas Fashion

It's time for some jolly ol’ Christmas trivia…


Kurt Cobain

Fashion Inspiration: Kurt Cobain

A tribute to Kurt Cobain's style.

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Monique The Serpent

Fashion Inspiration: Monique

A collection of Monique's outfits from the show "The Serpent".

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Fashion Inspiration: Ann Lowe

A collection of designes from Ann Lowe, the best kept Fashion secret.

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Fashion Inspiration: "I May Destroy You"

A collection of outfits from the banger show HBO "I May Destroy You".

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Tea date

Fashion Inspiration: Peter Pan

Here you can find your weekly dose of spirited outfits.

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Purl Pixar cover

Fashion Inspiration: Purl

Just a little something to remind you that you are enough.

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Article with outfits inspired by Vaccination

Fashion Inspiration: Vaccination Day

Bundle of outfits for the day of the decade - Covid vaccination day!

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Lockdown inspiration outftis

Fashion Inspiration: Lockdown

A bundle of outfits for nobody to see but you.

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Cyber Punk street style

Fashion Inspiration: NightCity

Check out the future of fashion according to Cyber Punk.

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Rosalia in a casual friday outfit

Friday Fashion Inspiration: Rosalia

Master casual fridays with Rosalia.

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