Fashion Inspiration: Griff

I wish I could tell you that Griff, a pop musician from Britain, is an up and coming star ( because it woold be so cool to discover her on my own ) but she is already a star and she is shining. Also she makes her clothes! Intriguing.

Griff, aka wiffygirffy or Sarah Faith Giffiths, makes great bops (khm Black Hole) and killer clothes.

Her DIY looks are boldly filled with ruffles, tutu dresses, feathers and hand-made pants.

Oh, and Ariana Grande's ponytail just got demoted because Griff crafts her ponytail into sculptural baubles. This is ,obviously, a joke, two brilliant ponytails can coexist in the same hemisphere.

Griff's style is anchored in her capability to quickly adapt and reflects her comfort in going against the grain. I think we all need a little bit of Griff's DIY approach in our personal style.