Fashion Inspiration: Monique

This is one of those times when I tell you to separate the character from fashion.

Netflix's latest true crime show The Serpent tells a story of a serial killer and his companion Marie-Andrée Leclerc— aka “Monique” or just “Marie ( starring the impossible girl Jenna Coleman).

The story is terrifying and a must-watch. It poses a question of how far people will go to support their version of reality.

Also, Fashion in the show is on point.

The show's stylist did a wonderful job of bringing all the characters to life.

Fashion storytelling stood out with Monique's wardrobe. Her outfits painted a person who looks casually glamorous - all done with blouses, jumpsuits and long dresses. Thanks to blouses and delicate colors Monique seemed trustworthy and it made it easy to understand how people ended up trusting her so quickly. Her massive glasses and iconic scarves looked more like a protector and less like a 70s prop.

Needless to say, fictional Monique is a fashion icon.