Fashion Inspiration: Taylor Swift

Here is why Taylor Swift should be your Fashion inspiration;

Taylor Swift treats Fashion as a narrative prop. Every album she makes she outfits her style to suit the characters she portrays.

Taylor Swift how to era

She uses Fashion to assure fans that she is still the same girl they fell for - even though look and sound is almost completely different.

Swift achieves this by mixing hero elements from her past styles with the new style. I call this approach to "how to change your style" a "Swift Fashion formula".

Let me elaborate;
during her most pop era (1989) she wore 50's style shoes everywhere. Those shoes were a staple of the Red era. During the Reputation era, you could still spot her in a crop top. Crop tops were her must-have during the 1989 era. Now, with the forest fairy look, Taylor is fashioning a lot of flannel. Flannel has been a favorite during Speak Now and Red era.

Taylor Swift how to era

So, if you want to dress like Taylor Swift, evolve your style and not look like a shape-shifter check out the gallery above. It's filled with Taylor Swift's styles from her music eras so far.