The Fashion World Throws a Hissy Fit Over Sustainability

luxury bag burning

Fashion brands are having a meltdown over the proposed new EU sustainability rules. Apparently, saving the planet cramps their style and hampers "creativity"...

  • For example unsold and discarded inventory data disclosure is causing a stir among the luxury brands. It's deemed "highly sensitive data.
  • Durability requirements? Luxury labels, with their bank-breaking price tags, might not handle a spin cycle. Green comes with a rinse, who would've guessed?
  • luxury inventory
  • Also, the ban on destroying unsold products has shook the fashion lobbyists. Because burning unsold clothes is apparently more fashionable than selling at a discount. Hot topic, indeed!
  • And, when it comes to mandatory recycling, they've labelled it "unreasonable".
  • Despite the industry's tantrums, European legislators are in favour of these planet-saving regulations. If going green is the new faux pas, maybe it's time we change our style gurus.