Can Fashion Outsmart Facial Recognition Technology?

ai fashion design  tries to protect you from being recognized, ginger skateboarder in a cute 90s sweater

Cap_able, an Italian clothing startup designed a fashion line that can evade facial recognition technology by tricking the algorithm into thinking that the wearer is an animal.

But does it actually work?

Key Points:

  • Cap_able claims that the clothing patterns "confuse the algorithm" by "making the camera detect dogs, zebras, giraffes, or small-knitted people inside the fabric, instead of the person wearing the clothes.
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  • But the catch is that this only works if the system uses YOLO facial recognition technology, a real-time object detection system.
  • The problem is, we don't know what kind of technology governments use to detect your face.
  • capable manifesto collection against YOLO
  • If you're in a country like China where use of facial recognition technology to curb protests is at mass and you don't want your face documented, a Cap_able hoodie may not be the solution. In fact, it may just be more of a statement at this point. While it's an interesting concept, it's important to know its limitations before investing in one of these clothing items - that will set you back for around $460.