Fashion Community Seeks Refuge As Russia Invades Ukraine

 A Ukrainian woman reacts next to her house following a rocket attack in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine on Feb. 25, 2022.

A woman walks past the debris in the aftermath of the Russian invasion, in Mariupol, Ukraine, on Feb. 24, 2022. Photo Source:AP NYP

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine escalates Fashion community is seeking refuge.

Key Points:

  • On the 2nd of February Ukrainian Fashion industry leaders were hopeful that a diplomatic solution will be found and heightened political tensions between Ukraine and Russia be defused. Ukrainian Fashion Week’s 50th Edition was held amid heightened geopolitical tensions where Ukrainian designers celebrated their creations and asserted that they are ready for anything but want peace.
  • On the 24th of February, Russia invaded Ukraine. H&M closed its nine stores in Ukraine, until further notice. Several Turkish brands, namely LC Waikiki, Colin's and English Home, closed around 200 stores as well. Lingerie brand Cosabella suspended their production orders citing health and safety issues.
  • Fashion designers based in Kyiv ( capital of Ukraine), such as Alina Kachorovska, had taken shelter in the underground subway station in hopes to stay safe from airstrikes.
  • Some Fashion designers, like Ivan Frolov, the creative force behind the Frolov label hoped to evacute Kyev. However, for Ivan Frolov and many others the evacution came to halt when a mandate was put in place late Thursday that restricted Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country. Women and children are still allowed to leave.
  • During the Milan Fashion Week, that continued yesterday; as Russia invaded Ukraine, the head of the Italian Fashion council warned that 1 billion euros worth of luxury exports to Russia could be at risk due to Russian's complete disregard for human life.
  • “If things continue like this, there will be damage,’’ Carlo Capasa, president of the Italian National Fashion Chamber, told The Associated Press.
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