Welcome to Fashionista in Danger!

My name is Nina.

What the $%& is "Fashionista in Danger"? Am I the Fashionista? Are you? Am I in danger? Are you in danger? Is it a threat? Why do I talk in questions?

All these questions and more will be answered...

Ok, last question; have you read the manifesto already? If not, start there.

If you have read it and want more, then let me explain how the site works;

Fashion News is pretty self-explanatory; it’s a constantly updated chronicle of everything fashion-related, good or bad, and especially of things Big Fashion Media missed… turns out there’s a lot more bad than good happening in the name of Fashion. Without sounding redundant, that’s the problem we aim to fix.

Fashion Brain is where we get deep af. We explore how Fashion impacts emotions and egos; people and perspectives. How it’s weaponized to manipulate and utilized to restore, both individuals and nations. Think I’m exaggerating? Read on.

Fashion Folklore is a special kind of fun. In the criminal justic… I mean, in the world of Fashionistas, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: those that use Fashion to upgrade their lives and those that have yet to find their Fashion Power. These are their stories. dun dun…

What’s next? Well, that depends on you. You’re very very welcome to keep reading and checking back for more content; I can guarantee it will always be free.

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If you want to see me taking the concept of “Fashionista in Danger” quite literally, check out our Instagram. I was going for a Mr-Bean-meets-Audrey-Hepburn kinda thing; more often than not it comes off as Mr Bean playing Audrey Hepburn, but hey we’ll get there one day…

Oh, and in case you’re a robot (like, actually, no need to read on if you’re human), these are the things the site is about, keywords wise; Fashion psychology, news, human rights issues, fast Fashion, fast Fashion articles, fast Fashion workers, fast Fashion sustainability, why is fast Fashion bad, why is Fashion freedom important, Fashion empowerment, how to find your fashion, real people Fashion stories, Fashion news, fashionista.