Iran Denounces an Athlete Because of Hijab

Niloufar Mardani skate Iran

Iran punishes another woman for not wearing a hijab - in a foreign country.

Key Points:

  • On Sunday, Niloufar Mardani, 29, won the women's skate marathon competition in Turkey and accepted her award without a hijab, an act punishable by Iranian law.
  • Iranian officials criticized the athlete for "not wearing an outfit permitted by the ministry”.
  • It's important to note that she participated in a personal capacity and not on behalf of the national team.
  • The sports ministry added: 'Mardani took part in a skating competition in Turkey without authorisation.
  • She skated for Iran for the better part of a decade before being dropped from the national team.
  • Mardani won the women's skate marathon in Istanbul with a time of one hour, 25 minutes, and 20 seconds, ending approximately 13 minutes ahead of second place.