North Korea Bans Leather Coats

Broken Vuitton store

The brutal Fashionista and North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un banned leather coats so citizens can’t copy his style. Only approved personnel can sport leather coats. Read key points below.

  • In an effort to stop citizens from copying Kim Jong Un’s style North Korean police is confiscating leather coats that look like the North Korean leader’s coat. Reason is simple; Kim Jong Un is frustrated that citizens are wearing the same coat he wears.
  • The leather coat was popularized back in 2019, and was only worn by rich, due to a hefty price-tag. But, as trends go soon enough the faux leather was imported and more people started wearing the coat.
  • “When these leather coats became popular, the law enforcement authorities went after the companies that made the coats that look too much like the Highest Dignity’s,” one source said.
  • Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo Jong, also sports a leather coat from time to time. The source said that the style became a "symbol for powerful women too".
  • Police in Pyongsong recently started cracking down on Fashionistas who have been selling or owning leather coats. They’ve been confiscating the coats citing that it is disrespectful to copy North Korean’s leader.