Forced Labour Prelevant in Myanmar

Forced Labour Prelevant in Myanmar's Garment Industry

Child labour, forced labour, serious health hazzards, lack of full wages found in factories in Myanmar, a country overtaken by military forces and a mecca for fast fashion factories.

Key Points:

  • Last week UK's Fast fashion retailer Primark announced that it will halt sourcing from Myanmar, that has been run by a military regime since last year citing human rights violations.
  • A study of labour conditions in garment factories done by Action Labour Rights exposed serious violations of working rights; charging workers a “gate pass” when entering a factory, forcing workers to work more then 16 hours of overtime, lack of medical leave, health hazzards and sexual asssult.
  • The report found that child labour is still prelevant.
  • Even though UN called for a united front and financial pressure on Myanmar fast fashion brands including H&M, Uniqlo and ZARA are sticking with the country.