No-Buy September

slow fashion Movement

Slow Fashion campaigners are pledging again to a No Buy Month.

Key Points:

  • Thousands of fashionistas will join the challenge and commit to no new clothes from September 1st to 30th.
  • Fashionistas from all over the world are taking this opportunity to vote with their wallets and take a stand against the Fast Fashion industry.
  • The challenge is organized by Slow Fashion advocates at the Slow Fashion Movement and is aiming to get global action against unsustainable ways of consuming.
  • This Slow Fashion Season's theme is 'PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION'.
  • If you dare to join here are some community approved social tags that can connect you with the community: #slowfashionseason2022 #slowfashionlifestyle #progressoverperfection
  • To learn more about the event head here.