Mahsa Amini Killed For Dress-Code Violation

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On Friday ( September 16th ) a 22-year-old woman was killed by morality police in Iran over allegedely violating a dress-code rule.

Key Points:

  • Iran has strict dress code rules for women. The Fashion law mandates covered hair and loosefitting robes for women.
  • Mahsa Amini, often called by friend and family Jina, was detained in Tehran on Tuesday while visiting the capital with her family from the Kurdistan province.
  • Just a few weeks ago Iranian president ordered a crackdown on women’s rights and called for stricter enforcement of the country’s mandatory dress code.
  • As Ms. Amini was exiting Tehran's subway with her brother she was arrested over allegedely violating a dress-code.
  • Brother’s pleas to let her off with a warning ( which is permitted by law) were ignored. Instead he was advised that she will be released after a “re-education session”.
  • Witnesses reported that Amini was beaten in the police van, an allegation the police deny.
  • Her brother followed them to detention facility.
  • Soon after, Ms. Amini was taken from the detention facility by ambulance to a hospital and went into a coma.
  • Health officials reported that she died from a heart attack, even though photos shared of her online clearly show that her head was bandaged, her face was bruised, and she was bleeding from her ears.
  • protest in Iran against hijab rule

    Protests in Iran over Ms. Amini's death.

  • Ms. Amini’s death has sparked widespread outrage among Iranians. Security forces were deployed in large numbers in Tehran and outside the hospital where she died to disperse protests.