Russian Fashionista Facing Prison

fashion influencer

Russian fashion influencer faces six years in prison for using Instagram.

Key Points:

  • Veronika Loginova, an 18-year-old fashion model, shared that her mom was presented with a statement from Russian prosecutors that charges her with "performing acts to attract users on the social networks Facebook and Instagram."
  • She has never posted any political content.
  • According to the prosecutor's statement publishing on social media "may be seen as a kind of involvement in the activities of an extremist organisation”.
  • In March, a Moscow court banned Instagram and Facebook as part of a campaign against major western social media platforms.
  • Facebook and Instagram's parent firm, Meta, was categorised as "extreme" in response.
  • protest in Iran

  • This week, Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilisation of Russian civilians intensify Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • Russian citizens have taken to the streets in a number of cities to protest President Vladimir Putin's decision.
  • It was reported that hundreds of individuals were detained on Wednesday at anti-mobilization rallies held in cities like as Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Cracking down on influencers is just one of the tactics Russia uses to enforce obedience.