Shein's Unexpected Alliance with Forever 21


Fast fashion brand Shein has announced a partnership with SPARC Group, the joint entity of Forever 21's owner, Authentic Brands, and mall leader Simon Property. Shein's new alliance with SPARC Group isn't just a business moveā€”it's a fast fashion time bomb.

  • The deal, granting Shein a one-third stake in SPARC, will introduce Forever 21 to Shein's 150 million users and mark Shein's entry into Forever 21's U.S. stores. While the deal's specifics remain under wraps, SPARC will also hold a minority share in Shein.
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  • This collaboration follows Forever 21's recent integration with shoe brand Skechers on Shein's marketplace, which launched in the U.S. in May.
  • Despite facing ethical and environmental critiques, Shein remains a magnet for brands seeking broader visibility and it helps Shein's mission to dominate America. Liza Amlani of Retail Strategy Group notes that the partnership will help Shein tap into a wider audience and hints at its potential physical retail ambitions.