SheIn Taps Into Second-Hand Market, Greenwash?


Shein launches a resale platform with the goal of speeding up delivery to the US. Another green wash attempt or an honest step towards sustainability?

Key Points:

  • The app will enable customers to buy and sell used Shein clothing.
  • From their press release:

    “At Shein, we believe that it is our responsibility to build a future of fashion that is equitable for all, while also accelerating solutions to reduce textile waste,” said Shein global head of ESG, Adam Whinston, of the initiative.
  • No amount of reselling can erase the fact that SheIn clothing contains lead, or that their workers have to make a minimum of 500 garments a day in order to get $500 a month or that they upload 1000 articles of clothing a week to their website.