Iranian Students Defy The Hijab Law

female students defy Iranian government

While the Iranian president Raisi was addressing cherry-picked students at Iranian University, hundreds of students chanted "get lost" in front of the building.

Key Points:

  • Students chanted "Raisi get lost" while president was at their campus.
  • Raisi read a poem that compared "rioters" to flies.
  • In the previous 2 weeks, Iranian security officers have arrested dozens of students.
  • Earlier this week, Iranian students waved their headscarves and yelled "get out" at an Iranian soldier during a lecture on the importance of hijabs at their school.
  • thai royals

    Screengrab from a video shows Iranian schoolgirls waving their headscarves and chanting 'get out' at a member of the IRGC (Twitter)

  • “They can kill us, arrest us but we will not remain silent any more,” said the student, who asked to remain anonymous, to Reuters. “Our classmates are in jail. How can we remain silent?”