"Superfake" Scandal Sweeps Sydney

Luxury Retailer Cosette Under Investigation for Counterfeit Goods

  • Sydney-based luxury fashion retailer Cosette is under investigation by NSW Fair Trading, following a surge in customer complaints accusing the store of selling counterfeit designer handbags.
  • The allegations centre around high-quality replicas, known as "superfakes," difficult to differentiate from authentic goods.
  • The retailer's store in The Rocks closed on Tuesday and Wednesday due to alleged staff sickness, after a damning report aired on A Current Affair.
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  • One customer, Louise Cameron, reported purchasing a Saint Laurent bag from Cosette, only to discover it was a fake upon re-authentication. Another, Erin Kostopulos, made the same discovery two years post-purchase.
  • NSW Fair Trading confirmed having received 75 complaints about the business since the story broke. Fair Trading conducted a site visit to Cosette’s warehouse on Wednesday and the company will appear on the next edition of Fair Trading’s official complaints register.
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  • Following the allegations, numerous customers contacted media outlets, voicing concerns about possibly counterfeit items purchased from Cosette, some dating back five years. The company, which has been operational since 2015, boasts a considerable online presence and collaborations with top influencers and celebrities.
  • The authenticity of goods sold by Cosette remains under investigation by NSW Fair Trading, while the Australian Border Force and NSW Police have been made aware of the situation. Consumers are encouraged to lodge online complaints to assist in the ongoing investigation.