UN Expells Iran from Women's Commission

Iran Un

Iran has been expeled from the UN’s women's commission over human rights abuses.

Key Points:

  • The decision follows a motion submitted by the United States, which called Iran's membership an "ugly stain" on the group's credibility.
  • Activists and rights groups have long warned that Tehran's role in the commission was a farce, given the regime's treatment of women who have peacefully called for gender equality.
  • 29 of 54 members of the UN economic and social council (Ecosoc), which oversees the commission, voted in favour of the motion
  • Iran's allies, including Russia and China, voted against the motion, while 16 countries abstained, including Mexico, Thailand and Botswana, and some others voted against the resolution.
  • Iran had recently joined the body, months before a popular uprising erupted in September, which security forces have attempted to suppress with lethal force.